Where do you keep your valuables?

Where do you keep your valuables?
Many of us love to post about what we’re doing on social media. It is a lovely way to share our experiences with family and friends. However, we could make a serious mistake by stating when we are going away, because our privacy settings could let this information get into entirely the wrong hands! Read more

Another shop in West London has been burgled

Another shop in West London has been burgled!  Thieves have spotted the weakest point which was the back door. Doors were kept shut behind the metal shutters but these security measures were not enough to stop the crime from happening.  It didn’t take long for the thieves to get in to take the valuables and disappear without a trace. Read more

Hiding in plain sight – modern ‘panic rooms’

The most unexpected modern amenity in a private house – the panic room, commonly known as ‘safe room’ until the event of its dramatic impression on global consciousness as a result of the dramatisation of the 2002 thriller by David Fincher. It was screenwriter David Koepp who admitted that he made up the term ‘panic room’ because ‘safe room’ simply lacked the drama that he wanted. Read more

Secure House door protected a property in Mayfair

In the current economic climate the need to protect and secure valuable property is paramount.

Secure House limited are the leaders in the provision of bespoke access control solutions for a diverse international clientele both commercial and residential.

There is nothing better than a satisfied client to advertise the quality of workmanship and guaranteed durability of Home Secure Security doors. Read more